My Work Gallery

Here’s some of the work I’ve done so you can get a better feel of who I am and what I love 🙂


Personal Shopping

Visual Merchandising and Outfitting for Forever 21

Some favorite sections I merched…(most of these photos were taken with a phone so excuse the blurry quality…)

“Lil Rebel”

“Hazy Daze”

“Into the West”

Totally blanking on what the section was actually called…but it was inspired by Coachella…so thats probably what I called it…oops..

 F21 Men

Forever 21 Style Star Project

Table Display Design for Fig Knitting

Crimson & Clover – Fabric Crochet Products

(Visit on Facebook and on the Etsy store!)

Misc. DIY and Art Projects

Fabric Modpodged Guitar

Textile Arts Kimono Project

DIY Wall Art – Melted crayons on stained wood slab

DIY Denim Braided Rug

DIY Denim Cut-Offs


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