Saved by the Bells

I’m sure we’ve all had days where you wish you didn’t have to change out of your PJ’s…well yesterday was one of those days for me…day off…some things to do around the house…some errunds to run…nothing special.  But it seems as though the days I decide to just run out with my unwashed hair and schlubby jammies are the days that I bump into someone I know and have to sit through an awkward conversation looking like a hot mess…

Welp…I decided not to have one of those days…but I did manage to put together an outfit that was just as good if not better than pajamas because on top of being super  comfortable head to toe…there were bellbottoms involved…big…soft….bellbottoms…

While I was at the post office this older man told me that my outfit just brought him back to his hippie days…he said I looked like all his friends in high school and that I looked great! Thanks post office guy!…I gotta say that made me feel pretty cool 🙂

Outfit: My favorite new pair of bells that I wish I could wear everyday and will probably wear to sleep on occasion-F21, Tank-American Eagle, Cardigan-Pure Sugar, Bag-Mossimo, Shoes: you’ll never knowww…muahahaa…

Song of the Day: Corrina Corrina by Bob Dylan


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