Horsing Around

This recent “springy” weather has made me want to break out some of the brighter things in my closet.  I usually wear a lot of neutrals, but sometimes its fun to add a little splash of color to an outfit with just one bold bright-colored item…like say…bright blue pants…

It was tempting…and would be very easy to make a great spring or summer outfit with these pants but…we’re not quite there yet…so I played the color down a bit by pairing them with darker colors on top…and yes…I’m wearing black and brown…a fashion “no-no” that I don’t believe in…clearly.

The other day I had on a pair of bell bottoms and my dad referred to my feet as “horse hooves”…I get what he means…clomp clomp clomp…but I still love them…

Sweet yin yang tassel necklace I scored on the swap.com market! (check it out but beware… you will become addicted…) 🙂

Outfit: Jacket and belt-F21, Tank-TJMaxx, Pants-Urban Outfitters, Shoes and yin/yang necklace-swapped

Song of the Day: Sweet Jane by Velvet Underground



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