Father/Daughter Project Part 2

We finally finished the office!! This past weekend my Dad recruited Jess and Jamie for the actual “moving of furniture”…apparently my muscles weren’t big enough to attend that party…….whatever Russ…whatever…

He and I spent the next day organizing and decorating! (the fun part!)  It was a bit challenging because I had little pinterest home design images floating around in my head…but I had to remember that this room was not for me…

He wanted to use the furniture and decor that he already had….was willing to get rid of certain things if necessary…and the only thing he wanted to buy new was a carpet.  It was very important to him that the new office had some familiarity and was just as warm and cozy as the last…

Mission accomplished…at least we think so 🙂 

I guess there was still some “dirty work” to be done…literally…I repotted all of his plants…and some new ones that we adopted from some of his co-workers…they were all so happy to be out of their 20yr old soil!

View from the entrance…one last touch we didn’t get to but plan to add is to stack logs in the fireplace…I think it will really finish off the room…

 Dad’s leather throne with a backdrop full of personal touches :)…(right to left-his grandmothers oriental rug, a book painting done by my Uncle Paul, an adopted hanging plant, and framed gifts from patients…)

His old bookcase got a little make over after a minor accident knocked off one of the doors…I think it actually helped really give it a fresh look! 

Besides books…it is full of little trinkets and gifts collected over the years…I loved hearing all the great little stories behind each one…

 The mantel also is a new home for some of his little treasures…and a beautiful drawing done by my brother 🙂

 This ended up being A LOT of work…but it was so much fun and I’m thrilled that my Dad is really happy with the outcome….    

Here’s to 20 more years in a new space! ❤

Song of the Day: Today is Band of the Day…and the band is Chicago…a Dad favorite 🙂


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