I Got Served…by Talbots…

I’m not quite sure where my sore feelings for Talbots came from…but for some reason every time my mom wants to drag me inside “real quick” I get super cranky about it…only Talbots makes me feel this way about shopping…

The other day was no different…I went out with Mom and whatta ya know?…Talbots is having a 60% off sale! She convinced me to go in rather than sit in the car and freeze…so I did…stomping my little snow boots and crossing my arms like a bratty child…

I eventually sucked it up and helped her shop around for a bit when all of the sudden…somewhere in the sea of pleated khakis and sweater sets I found this little velvety beaut… 

They say love happens when you least expect it…and “they” were right…I certainly wasn’t expecting it to happen at…Talbotssss…

My mom got great pleasure out of this whole situation…and I…got this great little burnt orange jacket…

Well played Talbots…well played.

Outfit: I think you’ve figured out where the jackets from by now, F21 Jimi tank and jeans, swapped shoes (being shy) , thrifted bag, misc accessories

Song of the Day: …And the Battle Begun by Rx Bandits


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