My Father/Daughter Design Project- Phase 1

This ones a bit off the usual topic of fashion…seeing as I spent everyday last week looking like a 15 yr old grungy boy wearing the same torn old cords, cut-off stones tee-shirt, flannel, hoodie, and sneakers (yes…I own sneakers…only cute ones though :))  

This year for Christmas I hand-made all my gifts, but when it came to my Dad, I had a hard time coming up with something he would really like…or use.  He’s in the process of moving his office into a new space and had mentioned he would need to paint…so for his gift, we agreed that I would help get his new space ready in any way I could…and I made him a little coupon book for my services…just for fun 🙂

Turns out…there was a hell of a lot more than painting that needed to be done…so I decided to really commit myself to this project…and after a week of 10 hour-long work days….5-guys burger dates with dad, and several trips to Home Depot…I think we are both pretty happy with the results….and we haven’t even gotten to the REALLY fun part…decoratinggggg!

Heres what we were working with…

Nasty old stained and peeling wallpaper, chipped paint, and more dirt and filth than you can imagine…but…the ol’ place had character..and potential…

Just removing the wallpaper, backing, and glue took 2 full days…

Pumped to discover that some dummy had painted over this original brick fireplace hearth…so I scraped that crap right off…and this became one of my favorite things about the room!

Least favorite part though…painting this drop ceiling…luckily I could remove some of the tiles so I could lay them down to paint them…but for the others…I was forced to work these huge arm muscles and strain the poo out of my neck to use the paint roller to push each one up against the solid ceiling above to paint it…oh and also…the large amount of unidentified “stuff” that came spilling down on me every time I moved a tile was frightening…

But I think in the end it was definitely worth it (trust me… this looks much better)!

…finally ready to paint the trim and walls!

May have inhaled too many fumes…

But overall I think we have a pretty damn good before and after…and I’m really looking forward to moving in his things and helping him redecorate! It will be at least another week until then…but I imagine that part will be more interesting for you all to hear about…

Song of the Day: Linoleum by NOFX (kept me pumped up while working 🙂)



2 thoughts on “My Father/Daughter Design Project- Phase 1

  1. Great Job. Your apartment is beautiful. My dad and I worked on my apartment together too. I should have taken before and after pictures. 🙂

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