Roses are red…

…and so is my hair…eeek! Yep….new year new hair color….why not right?  Its going to take some getting used to but I think it’s a pretty fun time…

 I’ve actually been super busy this past week…(woohoo!)…I’ve been working my fadass off on a big project with/for my dad that’s been really fun! Also, I decided to enter a little vintage styling contest…so I’ll have both projects to share with you this week! 

It’s been freezing out lately…and we finally got a decent amount of snow…which makes outdoor outfit photos a bit more difficult because…well it’s hard to make a puffy head to toe snow suit, long underwear,  and rubber boots look stylish…or is itttt!?!…Hmm… I think I just might just have to attempt this winter-y challenge at some point…

I managed to stay warm by layering up with a hefty wool plaid and wool jacket with a faux fur collar…the only thing I found myself wanting was some mittens… it didn’t take long for my little fingers to turn to icles…noted.

Jacket deets…love the brass buttons and the clean tailoring…and the furrrr obv.

 Outfit: Levi’s skinny jean, thrifted wool plaid, Ann Taylor Loft jacket, and F21 booties

Song of the Day: Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks


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