My LF Holiday Wishlist Look!

This weekend I went to a Boston Blogger Mixer hosted by the lovely girls at the LF store in Harvard Square!  Jamie and I did a recap post over on Double Standard so check it out to find out more about the party…and see lots of fun pictures! 🙂

My absolute favorite part of the night was when we got to raid the entire store in search for our favorite LF look for the Holiday’s! We each put on our look and got our picture taken in their holiday photo booth!

 LF is absolutely one of my dream wardrobe stores…I want everything they sell…so picking out just one outfit was actually quite a challenge. I tried on a bunch of amazingggg things, but found myself trying to pile on everything I loved in one outfit and looking crazy.  While there was a ton of things there that I’ve been dying to own for a long time…I decided to create a look that I’d wear anywhere and everywhere….

Wishlist Item 1: A chunky cream sweater I could wear with everything…

Wishlist Item 2: Black quilted faux leather shorts…seeeriously in love…

Wishlist Item 3: my favorite footwear option…BOOTIES…not just any booties though… Jeffery Campbell booties…drooling…

Wishlist Items 4 & 5– this great necklace and some fuzzy ear muffs for fun (and for warmth!) to finish off my look!

So….pretty please? Santa??….Anyone?….. Beuller?…. 🙂

Song of the Day: Is actually not a song…because I felt more in the mood for a festive movie clip instead of a Christmas song…here’s one of my favorite Christhmith Vacation thenes…(


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