Nice come-back!…notttt

I don’t know how some bloggers are able to post daily. I’m unemployed and I apparently still can’t find the time…between job searching, S.V.U marathons, quality cat cuddling/bonding time, reading other people’s blogs, eating out of boredom, and making crafts, I’m just farrrrrrr too busy…

I’ve diagnosed myself with Severe Motivation Deficiency due to complications of unemployment. Sounds legit…

I even skimped on the pics…I did get one from behind though that made me think that my butt is actually getting flat from sitting on it too much…either that or these shorts have a serious “mom jean” effect…either wayyyyy ughhh…I gotta get my mom jean butt in gear here…

Outfit: Jacket and Shorts-F21, Pink Floyd Tee and Belt-Thrifted, Booties-H

Song of the Day: People are Strange by The Doors


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