Art Ride

This weekend my mom had an open studio event for a group she is a member of called Art Ride (check it outttt). Since I’ve gotten back in touch with my crafty side she was nice enough to let me set up all my Crimson & Clover stuff next to all of her beautiful jewelry(thanks mom!!) I’m doing another craft show in Providence in a few days so it was nice to get some feedback from people and see what would sell! It was fun too to come up with a last-minute table display 🙂

Here’s some photos!

Coasters were the first thing I learned how to make…this little girl bought some to use as carpets for her doll house…I thought that was so clever and adorable 🙂

So my big brother is coming on Wed. to visit for thanksgiving which I’m super excited about…I’m sure I’ll have all sorts of stories and fun family pictures for your viewing…

Song of the Day: Desperate Man by The Black Keys


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