An all in one deal

This outfit has a whole slew of things that I’m really into…

1. Cords – yummy

2. High/Low hem line – Party in the front, business in the back!…this hem line became really popular this summer, especially in skirts which I love, but I’ve found that for me personally, tops were more workable in my wardrobe.  Although I could extend the life of my high-low tanks with layers, I was really excited to find this sweater that not only had the hem line I love…but something else I love too…

3. Elbow Patches – I pretty much love anything with elbow patches…I don’t know what it is about them but if someone was selling a friggin burlap sack with elbow patches…I’d probably buy it…

4. Oversized blouse – oversized anything…yes please.

5. Booties – they seriously go with everything…and in case you haven’t noticed I take full advantage of that fact.

6. Knit Cap – a warm head = a happy girl 🙂

Outfit: Cords-F21, Top and Sweater- TJMaxx, Bag- Urban Outfitters, Booties- H&M, Hat- Fig Knitting, “Eye Love You”Heart Shaped Shades- won from Grime-New & Used Clothing giveaway!! (so pumped!!)

Song of the Day: Venus In Furs by Velvet Underground


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