Twirly Girl

The past few days have reminded me why I love Fall.  After a nasty snow storm left over a foot of snow and huge tree limbs in the yard I was convinced that Fall had failed me…but I was wrongggg (sometimes that’s a good thing!). I love when its crisp but the sun is so bright that it’s still warm enough to get away with baring my scrawny legs…

I rarely wear skirts but once in a while I’m feeling girly enough to give it a shot…this is technically a dress but the skirt part of it is what sold me on it.  When I was little I begged my mom non-stop for an “ice skating skirt”…for some reason I thought they were just the coolest things ever. She claimed she couldn’t find one anywhere but I think she really just knew I’d try wear that little mini skirt everyyyywhere (and she was right…I would have).  I guess this is sort of my non-costume…much longer…version of one…you should see this bad boy twirl!

Mmm toasty sunburst…

Outfit: Dress and Sweater-F21, Scarf-thrifted from Savers, Double Buckle Belt- vintage, Shoes and Shades- swapped.

Song of the Day: Johnny Appleseed by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros


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