Getting my fad-ass back in order…

This is definitely the longest I’ve gone so far without posting…myyyyy bad. I thought about putting together a list of excuses but that seemed like way more work than just admitting I’ve been a bad little blogger…

Having said that…I HAVE been up to a bunch of other little projects (not excuses) that have been keeping me super busy that I must share with you…


I think I’m getting friggin carpal tunnel because I’ve gotten back into Crimson & Clover!  My  crafty partner-in-crime Kasey and I learned how to crochet from a You Tube video a little over a year ago and decided to use strips of fabric instead of yarn to make all sorts of goodies. We kind of neglected it after a while once I moved back home because I think we both agreed it was simply more fun to do it together…while watching episodes of House…and drinking wine…lots of wine…resulting in some great (wine inflicted) heart to hearts <3. Anyway…I decided we had a pretty good thing going there so I picked it up again…added tons of new product…and started hunting around for craft fairs to get our product out there! Soooo that’s that….


Ohhhhh Halloween…not a project…but I basically made it one!  My sisters friend had a Halloween party and they went ALL out with decorations and food and costumes it was awesomeeee. I hadn’t come up with a costume idea until the day before when I found this sweet Dia de los Muertos make-up tutorial from Planet Blue and decided to do that.  I wore this awesome vintage dress and my wig from last year…made myself a little flower headband…then decorated a little plastic skull with some flowers and nail polish so I could have a matching side-kick…done and done! Before I got ready I basically spent all day carving apples into little creepy faces to float in “shrunken head cider” I made for the party…(not to toot my own horn but they came out awesome…and the drink was a hit!)


I just had the absolute pleasure of shooting my dear friend Erica’s engagement photos this past weekend!  I am certainly no professional photographer but it wasn’t very hard to get 10000000000 beautiful pictures of her and her fiance Colin because they are so stinkin cute.  Kasey and I ventured out to their neck of the woods and we took some shots by the water near his house then went out to the farm where they are getting married…beeeeeautiful! Anyway…we made a great day out of it and I hope they love the pictures as much as I do…(they haven’t seen them yet or else I’d probably be posting every single one…:))

Holy long post…I guess that’s what happens when I disappear for weeks… 🙂

Song of the Day: “I’m Back” by Eminem…haha


2 thoughts on “Getting my fad-ass back in order…

  1. OMG…This picture is so cute it hurts to look at it!! Thank you so much again Sarah. I can’t wait to see the rest of them. I don’t know how any of them can beat this one though:) My two boys!!

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