Art-y Party

I’ve been feeling a bit more inspired lately…I’ve caught up on some unfinished art projects…and even started some new ones! I decided to try to bring Crimson & Clover back to life after a long time being neglected (sowwy cwimsony :(! ) I’ve been trying to pump out a few bags (including back packs!) for a craft show I’ll be doing in a few weeks. Bags are a new addition so check it out on Facebook and let me know what you think!

Another project I’m really excited about involved quite an exciting trip to Home Depot with a friend yesterday…I usually hate going to stores like this but where the heck else are you supposed to shop for lumber? It ended up being pretty eventful after we measured and cut up a million pieces of wood thinking we were getting such a deal and then the total rang up to over $70.  Not happening.  So after wasting that wood…we went back into the lumber section…made a Home Depot friend…and got even better wood for under $15. Trial and error people…next time we’ll know to look at the price before we start sawing away.  I’ll be posting pics of this once its done but for now its staying a surprise…

Not sure how I can relate any of this to fashion..but here’s what I wore! Yep…to Home Depot…I’ve been wearing schlubby clothes for days trying to get down with my artsy self so I was feeling like I needed to redeem myself…

Outfit: F21- sweater dress, jacket, scarf, necklace, AND tights (WOW-Y!) Thrifted- bag and boots.

Song of the Day: November Blue by the Avett Brothers


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