Playing Dress-up…as Maid Marian…

I thought long and hard about waiting until it was closer to Halloween to post this…but then I realized I would have done this regardless of the fact that Halloween is approaching. I also realized that although I don’t really have a favorite color…or a favorite food…I am overly obsessed with certain things (ghost hunting…we’ve gone over this).  So here goes…I LOVE ROBIN HOOD MEN IN TIGHTS. Most people are exaggerating when they say they’ve seen a movie a thousand times…but I honestly think I’ve seen this movie a thousand times.  My sister and I used to pick a movie to fall asleep to when we shared a room…and we would end up watching it every single night for months until we’d switch it out for another.  This was one of those movies.  Ever since then, I’ve watched it so many times that I recently decided to try to talk my friends into making it a drinking game where we try to recite as many lines as we can and whoever doesn’t know a line has to drink.  Might be really fun for everyone else who would be drinking their faces off…cause I’d probably kick ass.

So…I have this dress I bought a long time ago that I have never ever worn because I haven’t really found the right place to wear it.  One of those dresses. I’ve been on a strong Robin Hood kick lately (clearly not at all unusual…for me at least) and thought…you know what?…this dress is like a modern Maid Marian dress…and that’s where the madness began.

Halloween costume perhaps? Ya perhaps if I added a red curly wig and an Everlast…but…I wanted to wear it now…and I wasn’t just going to wear it anywhere…I wanted to wear it to a castle…just like my dear friend Maid Marion. ( I hope you all know I’m cracking myself up writing this because I realize how insane I sound…but I assure you it’s all in good fun and that I am harmless. These are just side effects of being unemployed and bored with an overactive imagination.)

Don’t I look just like her?…Kiddingggg…this is the dress I was thinking of though…here goes…

My Maid Marian Inspired Outft: F21- dress and shoes, Thrifted- finger armor (aka huge ring) and metal belt as “crown” (yes I’m wearing a belt on my head), and necklaces by Oooh-La-La! (Melissa Blatt)  

Song of the day: That song Maid Marian sings in the movie.


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