My Secret Obsession With Ghost Hunting

I have always been fascinated by ghosts and other creepy paranormal things…a few years ago I spent an entire Halloween glued to my TV watching a Ghost Hunters marathon…I have no problem admitting I’m obsessed.  Not only do I love watching things about ghosts, but one year I actually talked my sisters into going on a ghost hunting adventure with me! We went to the haunted ship…the USS Salem and we got to use all the neat little tools and everything…pretty bad ass! One time I was on the highway and a TAPS van was driving next to me…I don’t think I’ve ever had a geekier moment…banging on my window “Oh my god’ing” and waving like a champ!! Ya…TAPS for life baby…

For some reason…when I go searching for a place to take photos I seem to stumble across some really cool looking but really creepy places and I always seem to be alone.  The place I found for my thrift posts was so scary I could barely stand it.  It’s an old hospital, or “home”…which is all I need to make me think it’s haunted. There was broken glass everywhere and it was all boarded up….I put my glasses on for a brief moment and was creepin in the windows until I saw one with “Help Me” written in black paint.  Immediately hauled my fad-ass right out of there.

This place had the same effect…it was so cool looking but all deserted and old…and every time I got close to a window or door I held my breath I was so freaked out. When I got back home I was dying to see the pictures on the computer so I could search the windows for creepy faces! No luck though…some day I’ll catch one!

Ooooooh look how old and creepy this looks…and excuse me…but is that not an ORB at the top there! It is. Cause I said so… 

Right after this picture a police man pulled up to find out what I was up too…apparently I was trespassing but he let me cause I told him I was ghost hunting! Just kidding…I told him I was just taking some pictures and he still let me….

Outfit: Fur Vest and Wedges- F21, Jeans- my very first pair of skinnies that I’ve worn to death…can’t even remember where they are from, Top- TJMaxx, Bag- thrifted from Savers, Necklace- Tibetan prayer beads, one of my favorite things I own…gift from Mom 🙂

Song of the Day: Ghost Hunters Theme Song


2 thoughts on “My Secret Obsession With Ghost Hunting

  1. AHHH! i love your blog, i have it bookmarked on my phone 🙂 i am OBSESSED with ghost hunting too and i think i see Jesus in one of your pictures….the first one you posted of you infront of the door, look at the window to the right of you and I don’t know if that’s your reflection or not but I definitely see Jesus in his big gown/cape thing-please tell me I’m not crazy!! LOL!

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