The Ugly Sweater Party

Every once in a while I’ll find something wicked awesome at a thrift store and wonder how I got so lucky.  The other day I was at Savers and scored this crazy sweater that I spotted from a mile away.  At first I was just  straight up excited… but I did have a small moment of…wait…is this ugly? I decided that I really didn’t care if it was because I thought it was bad assss…everything from the print to the colors was right up my alley.  It was the best ugly sweater ever. In fact…as I held it up to marvel in all its glory…I waited to be trampled by  hungry shoppers looking for  their Halloween costume…or a sweater perhaps to wear to the ugly sweater party…but no one came. I win….muahaahaaaaa…

Outfit: Sweater and Bag- thrifted from Savers, Jacket- thrifted from Alexis Grace, Shorts and Booties- F21

Song of the Day: Lola by The Kinks


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