Here Comes the Sun

It’s been a few days since my last post, but I have been one busy girl! I had mentioned that rainy weather was good for things like cleaning…and had gotten away with not having to do it that day…but of course…it rained for the next couple of days straight and I got so bored that finally gave in. I cleaned out and re-organized ALL of my clothes and accessories which took foreverrrr…but was so worth it!

Originally, I had grabbed my denim jacket to throw on over the sweater, but the second I tried to put it on I had some major sleeve bunching issues that could not be fixed fast enough.  I felt like Ralphie’s little brother in the Christmas Story when he can’t put his arms down because he has so many layers under his little snow suit…

I traded out the sweater for the jacket and by just doing that, I had totally changed the look of my outfit. Two for one deal…yes please.

Denim Jacket and Boots: thrifted from Savers, Cream Blouse: Ali & Kris via TJMaxx, Sweater: TJMaxx, High Waisted Shorts: Forever 21, Clutch: Sabina New York


Song of the Day: (obviously) “Here Comes the Sun” by (my favorite Beatle) George Harrison


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