Rainy Daze

Rainy days are a usually a good opportunity to force yourself to do the things you don’t want to do when its nice out, like laundry, or cleaning your room.  I really should have done both of these things yesterday, but instead, I decided to brave the weather and venture out to this great little park.  Jamie and I found it on one of our adventures, and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. Of course I forgot an umbrella…I would…especially after deciding to wear a white tee shirt….with my curly hair…aaaand bangs… ugh talk about a serious recipe for disaster in the rain!  Luck was on my side though because not only did it stop raining by the time I got there…but it even cleared up for a few minutes!

I think the only reason I was excited to be outside in the first place was that I knew it was pretty chilly and I could pile on the layers. My favorite! For most people, one is enough, but I like to have options…layers to layer under…or over my layers….make sense? My point is…even if I’m wearing 5 shirts already…I ‘ll still stuff a jacket in my bag just in case. 

Ditched my jacket and shoes while having a moment of being one with the nature…it was quite refreshing until I stepped on a fat slug in my bare feet…(shiverrrrrr). I won’t describe that sensation in detail but it was almost as repulsive as eating a piece of chalk.

After being violated by that slug I found comfort in a cozy sweater (my alternative layer)…and of course my shoes…

High waisted flares, white tank, sunglasses, and tan platform wedges: Forever 21. Brown leather jacket: Wet Seal. Cream sweater, brown belt, and bag: Thrifted.

Did I say layers enough?  

Song of the day: Excuses by The Morning Benders


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